It’s the start of the New year and I am back to reality sitting at my desk at work wishing I could be back on my magical vacation.

Being in Colorado was like being at Disneyland, especially Vail! It had just snowed before we got there and it was absolutely breathtaking driving up the mountains to get there. Once you’re in the town it’s like if you stepped into a huge version of the Matterhorn! Swiss chalets everywhere and a cute bustling center filled with shoppers and snow sport junkies alike.

I was only in Colorado for a few days but they were the right amount for a Forst trip to explore a new place. You especially need to get acclimated since the elevation is super high! I don’t recommend staying just for a weekend because you’ll spend the whole time with altitude sickness like my sister did.

Now what your here for! The Denver mini guide!

Wednesday: We took an early morning flight to arrive around 10 am to allow us time to check in to the hotel (we stayed at the Ritz Carlton) and explore the city. We traveled New Year’s Day so pretty much everything was closed but there were still people walking around the 16th Street Mall. Don’t get me wrong though a lot of things are closed for seemingly no reason when you need them to be open! Most places are closed at 5.

We went back to the hotel after having breakfast at The Earl. The place was cute but the food wasn’t exceptional for the price so I don’t really recommend it. Once at the hotel we passed out for two hours because altitude sickness makes you drowsy!

After our nap we were pretty hungry and realized it was probably time to go get some food again so we ventured back to 16th Street mall where shocker almost nothing was open. We ended up at Giordanos which is a Chicago favorite! You can even have pizzas shipped to you from them!

Thursday: Second day in Denver and we spent the day roaming around the city. We met up with one of my sisters friends and had coffee at Little Owl Coffee. I had a strawberry croissant that was just wow. Definitely worth the $5 I spent on it!

Later on we stopped by the Denver Milk Market which is a super cute food and retail hall. So many great options to choose from and Happy Hour at their bar did not disappoint! We bought a cheese pizza, our three burgers, two orders of fries, a cocktail and a beer for about $35 dollars.

Friday: We rented a car and drove out to Vail! The highway there is filled with town after town of ski country and each even prettier than the last. And the scenery was simply incredible. Photographs on my phone simply cannot do it justice.

We arrived a little late and decided to ski the next day after checking in at the Four Seasons. The view from their balconies is spectacular! The town is super quaint and absolutely gorgeous. It felt like being transported to Switzerland!

Saturday: Spent the whole day on the mountain so I can’t tell you much about it but boy was the view from there absolutely incredible.

Sunday: Last day in Colorado! We were already back in Denver at this point and our flight didn’t leave until 10pm so we had time to kill! We explored the RiNo district with its graffiti street art, stopped by a few shops and ended up at the Denver Central Market which was very similar to the Milk Market. Lots of great options and incredible atmosphere!

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I finally did something notable this weekend that I can share with you guys! Honestly how real time bloggers find the time and energy to do stuff consistently even though they sometimes have days worth of content is mind boggling to me.

I can’t even find the energy to do my makeup most days! This weekend was my uncles birthday and we were going to go out and celebrate. So I dressed up all cute, makeup all done up (even my hair was freshly washed and styled!) only to have plans cancelled!

Now I wasn’t going to waste a cute outfit and makeup by washing it off and getting back into my jammies! I was committed to doing something!

Ok I’ll get to the point now. No need to annoy you guys with my ranting. We went out to do some errands and decided to have lunch at Dumpling Inn / Shanghai Saloon. This spot is OG and it’s so good. I’ve been going there since before it became this happening spot. It used to be a tiny restaurant with only four or five tables! I didn’t take any pictures so sorry about that but take my word for it this place is amazing!

For dessert we went to MNGO Cafe! It is so cute on the inside, and they even have an adorable mange tree in the middle with seating which makes for a perfect instagram shot!

But what about the dessert! Did it meet my expectations! Well I had no idea what to expect because I have never had a Kakirogi before but you better believe it was incredible!

If you’re going to order one it is definitely something to split! Especially after just having eaten. It was a huge dessert!

Bottom layer of mango jelly topped with mango shaved ice, mango chunks. Cream to top it off and mango custard and mango syrup to add on as well! It was a glorious explosion of mango! Definitely worth every single sugary bite!

The Closet Makeover


This has been a long time coming but I am finally pulling the trigger on this. We’re renting our apartment so I can’t go overboard….but it’s finally going to happen. This whole makeover probably won’t cost me a fortune either because I’ll be going to Ikea and buying some things from amazon.

Now, my mom was an interior designer so a lot of my design eye I learned from her. And I like to be a little more meticulous about how I’m going to organize things! Nobody likes buying furniture only to find out that it won’t fit in the space!

So first things first. I take some measurements and write them down. Graph paper will be ideal for drawing out your space but I didn’t have any around the house so I just used printer paper. You already have your measurements so putting them to scale won’t be difficult because you can just use 10” as your scale.

Now that we have drawn out our space look up different furniture that you would feel can work in your space! I had originally thought that putting this Ikea bookcase standing was going to be the way to go, but the truth of the matter was that I just had too many items to hang and not a lot was going to be folded in the shelves.

This ended up working much better not only for the space I had but as it turns out all of my foldables are in the same color palette so it looked like I designed it purposely. I used to have a dresser inside the space but the drawers were simply too packed was breaking down and it just didn’t work in the space. The drawers were always hitting the sliding door.

I haven’t bought the LED lights for the closet yet but I am definitely going to pull the trigger on them because I can never see what I have in my closet! And like it elevates the space!

After taking everything out to put the new furniture inside the closet I started noticing so many things that I’ve only ever worn once or twice that I am never going to wear ever again! So I decided that I’m going to go ahead sell them….at reasonable prices of course. Most of the items are medium range designers like Parker, McQ, Clover Canyon etc. I most likely won’t mark anything over $50 but stay tuned for the shop page on my site pretty soon!