It’s the start of the New year and I am back to reality sitting at my desk at work wishing I could be back on my magical vacation. Being in Colorado was like being at Disneyland, especially Vail! It had just snowed before we got there and it was absolutely breathtaking driving up the mountainsContinue reading “Colorado”


I finally did something notable this weekend that I can share with you guys! Honestly how real time bloggers find the time and energy to do stuff consistently even though they sometimes have days worth of content is mind boggling to me. I can’t even find the energy to do my makeup most days! ThisContinue reading “MNGO CAFE”

Killer Pizza from Mars

It sounds like the worst yet best Sci Fi eighties film. And it’s not completely wrong! This pizza shop in Oceanside looks like it is straight out of the eighties and it is absolutely incredible? This place seems so out of place in this strip mall in Oceanside but let me tell you it isContinue reading “Killer Pizza from Mars”

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