Swanky Sugar Babe

I am very particular about the places I go to when it comes to all things beauty. There is nothing worse than going somewhere new and having to click with someone new. I always go to Rebecka at Swanky Sugar in Ocean Beach. She has been doing my sugaring for a few years now. Although I don’t go as often as I would like, I wouldn’t think of going with anyone else!

Not only is she an incredible entrepreneur but she connects with you and remembers things about you. It is a personalized experience, and when you’re getting a brazilian especially, you need to be comfortable with the person in the room with you.

The best part about going to Swanky Sugar is that it isn’t traditional waxing! Less (much less!) pain and its natural and non-allergenic. Sensitive skins rejoice! Extra perk, she has Boochcraft on tap! Awesome way to mellow down before getting your hair ripped out of your skin!

What’s so good about sugaring do you ask? Well the benefits are:

  • Minimal Pain
  • Minimal damage to skin 
  • Excellent for delicate skin tissues 
  • Zero risk of burn 
  • Minimal breakage
  • Tends to cause fewer ingrown hairs
  • Thorough hair removal 
  • Permanent reduction of growth over time
  • Longer lasting results 
  • Minimal waste 
  • Completely hygienic

Don’t believe me about how amazing this place is? Book an appointment with Rebecka and see for yourself. Just click here .