Weekend in Memory Lane


It’s been a minute since the days where our family would spend every weekend in Los Angeles. We would spend the weekend to visit my aunt at her gallery and eat at the best restaurants LA has to offer.

This weekend we decided to do just that and relive some great memories at some of our favorite places.

If you don’t care to read the full post and just want my recs scroll down to the bottom!

We deviated a little from our usual stays in Beverly Hills to stay closer to my sister who goes to school at Pepperdine in Malibu. The Four Seasons Westlake is a hidden oasis in the middle of the hills near Calabazas and Hidden Hills. They’ve been remodeling so not all the rooms look like they’re out of an elegant 1950’s hotel anymore but we stayed in one of the more “historic” suites. Bright yellow walls with white crown molding and gorgeous oak furniture. The bathroom has a shower and bathtub both marble. For those of you who know me, I am a sucker for marble.

The hotel has a beautiful views of Malibu/Topanga canyons and the facilities are gorgeous. I wish I had time to take some cute pictures in front of their waterfall. Those pictures would have been precious!

For dinner we went to the Palm Restaurant. Getting there was a pretty hilarious ordeal. We were worried about being late for our reservation and were zipping through LA traffic to get there even though it was about 9 pm! Once we drove past it to find parking my grandma stated “Where did you bring me this isn’t the Palm!”

Now I’ve been to this specific Palm location with her sometime over 12 years ago and granted it was slightly different then since Beverly Hills is always changing. But anyway we got there and my grandma just had to ask if this was indeed the Palm where she would spend almost every weekend about 30 years ago. They told her that this particular restaurant had originally been on Sunset but parts of the original building and it’s celebrity drawings were in this new location.

Anyway we were there because my grandma just could not get the thought of their famous Veal Chop out of her mind. And at 16 ounces it’s a huge cut! My grandma can’t eat that much anymore so you better believe that I ate mine and what she left of hers which was quite a lot! Despite her having eaten almost 3/4 of it!

How juicy does this veal chop look!?

We had tiramisu for dessert and I can tell you that it is incredible! The mascarpone is delicate and the taste isn’t overpoweringly sweet. No good picture of it because we just devoured it!

The next day we had breakfast at another Beverly Hills icon. The Ivy! Both old and new Hollywood stars are known to hang out here and why wouldn’t they when the food is absolutely incredible. Sipping champagne while you wait for your table is simply a luxe extra that makes anyone feel like a celebrity. Don’t even get me started on the scones! Are you a lover of the breadbasket before a meal? Well you will never think of those the same after having these scones, they are to die for! I know I went for breakfast but I always get the spaghetti and meatballs. I am a creature of habit and what can I say I absolutely love theirs.

Sultana scones with raspberry jam and butter.

After breakfast we went down to Rodeo Drive so I could pick up some things from Saint Laurent Rive Droite for our works white elephant. Not going to do any spoilers in case anyone from work reads this but just know that you all will be fighting over these gifts!

Last item on our mini vacation in memory lane was the iconic Beverlywood Bakery. This is your corner Russian/Jewish bakery for all your challah, bear claw, babka and black white cookie needs. I am of course biased but it’s only because I have been coming here for 20 something years now. Wow does that statement make me feel old! Anyway this black and white cookie is to die for and no matter where I go and try new cookes, this will hands down always be my favorite.

Beverly Hills – The Recs

The Palm – Get the veal chop! You won’t regret it

The Ivy – Carboholics – get your spaghetti and meatballs on.

Beverlywood Bakery – anything and everything!



I finally did something notable this weekend that I can share with you guys! Honestly how real time bloggers find the time and energy to do stuff consistently even though they sometimes have days worth of content is mind boggling to me.

I can’t even find the energy to do my makeup most days! This weekend was my uncles birthday and we were going to go out and celebrate. So I dressed up all cute, makeup all done up (even my hair was freshly washed and styled!) only to have plans cancelled!

Now I wasn’t going to waste a cute outfit and makeup by washing it off and getting back into my jammies! I was committed to doing something!

Ok I’ll get to the point now. No need to annoy you guys with my ranting. We went out to do some errands and decided to have lunch at Dumpling Inn / Shanghai Saloon. This spot is OG and it’s so good. I’ve been going there since before it became this happening spot. It used to be a tiny restaurant with only four or five tables! I didn’t take any pictures so sorry about that but take my word for it this place is amazing!

For dessert we went to MNGO Cafe! It is so cute on the inside, and they even have an adorable mange tree in the middle with seating which makes for a perfect instagram shot!

But what about the dessert! Did it meet my expectations! Well I had no idea what to expect because I have never had a Kakirogi before but you better believe it was incredible!

If you’re going to order one it is definitely something to split! Especially after just having eaten. It was a huge dessert!

Bottom layer of mango jelly topped with mango shaved ice, mango chunks. Cream to top it off and mango custard and mango syrup to add on as well! It was a glorious explosion of mango! Definitely worth every single sugary bite!

Killer Pizza from Mars


It sounds like the worst yet best Sci Fi eighties film. And it’s not completely wrong! This pizza shop in Oceanside looks like it is straight out of the eighties and it is absolutely incredible?

This place seems so out of place in this strip mall in Oceanside but let me tell you it is an absolute experience!

It’s alien theme transports you to Route 66, Area 51 or Roswell! The place is amazing and looks straight out of an eighties Sci Fi movie, old school arcade games included!

Peep Yoda in the back!

But is the pizza killer? OH MY GOD you bet! This is definitely not a fancy place by any means and you won’t find anything but your basics when it comes to pizza but it’s just so good you can’t help but gobble up every single slice.

How did I come across this place? Well my boyfriend is originally from Oceanside and apparently this was one of his childhood favorites. And I can definitely see why! The decor is a nerdy dream and who doesn’t love pizza!

If you’re ever in San Diego and happen to hang out in Oceanside Killer Pizza from Mars is the ish!

Horrible photos but I needed to let you guys know this place is fire!

Sorry there’s no good pictures but like it was so good that I honestly couldn’t even remember to get a shot of it!

The Rooftop at Waldorf Astoria


I just had to tell you guys this story because it was just so incredibly funny. Now if you live in Los Angeles and have had an opportunity to go have brunch at the Rooftop at Waldorf Astoria you’ll know that it is absolutely delicious! And if you’re lucky enough to get a smog free day the downtown Los Angeles skyline is incredible.

These were some glorious Eggs Benedict.

So I said I had a funny story so let me actually get to that. We were having breakfast and having a grand ol’ time talking and being silly. Once I finished eating I noticed that I had a bunch of bugs on my blouse. I knocked them off my blouse not thinking anything of it.

Few minutes pass by and everyone starts noticing all these bugs on my blouse! Now, I’m the only one wearing a bright color everyone else is in black so either you couldn’t see the bugs on them or they just were attracted to my blouse.

We leave the table to go take some pictures on the other end of the rooftop but the bugs have followed me. They are actually swarming around my head and just all over me blouse and my pants. I must have looked crazy swatting these bugs and being unsuccesfful in getting rid of them.

My sister had taken her leftover pancakes in a to go box that was absolutely adorable! She left it on the coffee table while she was taking photographs. Was super excited to eat them the next day for breakfast. She calls me and my mom the next day to tell us that the bugs had gotten into her pancakes!!!! The poor thing!

Aside from being a funny story, I definitely recommend going to The Rooftop at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. It’s absolutely gorgeous and delicious!

The Louis Vuitton Exhibit


I’m sure everyone has seen the photos and videos of bloggers and instagrammers flocking to Rodeo Drive to check out the Louis Vuitton Exhibit. So what is all the fuss about? Is this just another overrated instagram location?

When I die bury me inside the Louis store

I can assure you it most certainly is not. The experience at the Louis Vuitton Exhibit is no less exciting than seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, and if you’re lucky enough to go on a day that isn’t busy like I did you’ll be able to get a couple of good shots and see some really cool things!

The exhibition brings 160 years of the brand’s journey from malletiere to high fashion. The pieces are truly remarkable and showcase collaborations with artists and designers. For anyone who is interested in both art and fashion this is a must see!

Reigning Supreme

And the best part? It’s free!

If you’re in Los Angeles be sure to check it out. This exhibition will be around until November 10th so hurry before it’s gone!!!

It’s Spooky Season!


If you’re anything like me, you are obsessed with Halloween. Now I always want to do cool things all month of October but nobody ever has time or wants to do the spooky things! So this year I decided to try something different. Now I already messed up on the first day, because I didn’t “dress up” but I am going to be doing a month long thread of posts with my different Halloween inspired outfits.

Today is October 2nd and I am dressed like a modern Wednesday Addams. Stay tuned for the update, I’ll add the pictures of my outfit and I’ll do that daily along with any other spooky season things I do!

10th Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

Photo from Veuve Clicquot Eventbrite Website.

I cannot contain my excitement. I am finally going to the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic at the Will Rogers State Park in Los Angeles. If you know me you know that I am obsessed with Veuve Cliquot, and I have been obsessed with is since before it became the millenial drink of choice.

There is something simply so appealing about that green bottle with the yellowy orange label. Now it may not be on the same level as Kristal or Ace of Spades in terms of price but it is such an incredibly tasting champagne.

We are so obsessed with it that we have a “throne” for our bottles and the special edition canisters. Now the Polo Classic has been on my bucket list for a minute, maybe even since I started my Tumblr about a million years ago if anyone remembers me from those days. It is as big as going the Kentucky Derby!

Now there are different level of tickets that you can get. We got general admission which were $90 each because my mom didn’t decide in time if she wanted to go or not but there were Early Passes for $150 which included the glasses of champagne and some other things as well.

There are two other levels as well, the Rose Garden for $500 per person and the Grand Dame Garden for $1900 per person. Each level of course has its different areas which you can enter and include the bottle corresponding to the garden as well as the glasses.

Everyone I know who has gone say that it’s totally worth the price point, but I am not completely sold on it. We will see when I go how I feel about it, so stay tuned for the update. In the meantime though, if you are having major FOMO, the link is below to buy the tickets. Hope to see you there! Drop me a line if you do decide to go! Would love to do a meet up.

Post Veuve Clicquot

So here’s the scoop! General admission, is okay. You get better bang for your buck if you’re going to go for the Rosé Garden or the Grand Dame Garden.

Now obviously I got the general admission because I didn’t know what was up. If you buy Veuve at the grocery or liquor store you know yellow label is about $70. At the event they sell the bottles at $105. You have the option of food trucks as well so there’s some selection but once I did the math, i should have splurged on the other tickets. Not to mention the event was packed and really just for the gram! I went to go watch the polo match and didn’t even get to watch aside from a tiny bit at the beginning.

The lawn seating is obviously first come first serve so it is worth it to get there early as soon as it starts to get a good spot. Think the beach on a sunny day….absolutely nowhere to sit!

So here is the breakdown on the extra perks you get when you’re splurging on Rosé Garden or La Grande Dame Garden.

Rosé Garden

Admission $99. Rosé bottle $130. Rosé Riche glasses $25 each. Served gourmet lunch $100. Rosé Garden perks are worth the extra exclusivity that general admission doesn’t provide. It is much less crowded from what one can see on the other side of the field.

La Grand Dame Garden

At $1900 this is for the true polo lover! It has dedicated prime field seating. What does that mean? You’re more likely to be able to catch a shot of Nacho Figueras and his fine self! Or you might even be lucky enough to be in the presence of Julia Roberts in her iconic Pretty Woman dress as was the case for this year at the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Will Rogers State Park.

You also get a bottle of La Grande Dame 2008 ($200 value) and two glasses of La Grande Dame champagne during lunch. You get complimentary valet and priority boarding to the grounds!